Bryan Blue Resume (pdf)

Me growing tomatoes.

Additional Information

There is only so much you can put on a resume, here is additional information on education, jobs and experiences. Each starts with a summary, and if you are interested, feel free to read more.

Hydroponic Experience

I have grown tomatoes, corn and lettuce while at the University of Arizona. These utilized ebb and flood, deep water culture and drip irrigation systems. Nutrient solutions were created from custom recipes and raw fertilizers.


I spent 3 months growing tomatoes in a greenhouse using drip irrigation. This started with the transplant of the seedlings, training the plants on a high wire system, and fruit harvest. I grew a TOV variety called Alkan. They were grown using a lean and lower technique with one growing head. (See the picture of me in the lab coat.)


I spent 15 months on a project that was breeding various seed corn varieties in a greenhouse using potted plants in an ebb and flood system. This was a unique opportunity at the University of Arizona.  I was involved in all aspects of growing the crop.  I also managed the project for three months while the lead research assistant was out of the country. I was responsible for mixing nutrient solutions based on a proprietary recipe using raw fertilizers. I troubleshooted and maintained the ebb and flood system. I transplanted  the corn, grew, hand pollinated, and harvested its ears.


I worked for a graduate student growing lettuce in a vertical farm. This was a multi-tier deep water culture closed loop vertical farm system. 4 – triple tray vertical units of lettuce divided into two experimental chambers. LED lighting, temperature, humidity and CO2 were all controlled during each experiment. I worked on starting seeds, transplanting, harvesting, and collecting fresh and dry weights.


I have 3 college degrees covering two major interests, computers and plants. I started out with a BS in computer information science, then a MS in Management Information Systems and most recently a BS in Sustainable Plants Systems with a Controlled Environment Agriculture emphasis.

The University of Arizona

BS, Systainable Plant Systems, emphasis in Controlled Environment Agriculture

Fall 2016 - Fall 2018

Due to previous degrees, I was able to take more upper division courses. I chose classes such as Technical Writing, Applied Plant Physiology, and experience in Hydroponics and Controlled Environment Agriculture.

Nova Southeastern University

MS, Management Information Systems

Spring 2004

I spent three years obtaining my degree in MIS with a 3.9 GPA. While there I was tapped for the honor society: Upsilon Pi Epsilon - Nova Southeastern University Chapter. The program covered many different project management styles and software.

The Ohio State University

BS, Computer Information Systems with a Hardware emphasis.

Spring 1994

This was through the College of Engineering and as the saying goes, Engineering is "the best 5-6 years of your life." All but a few classes in computer science were taught on SUN Unix workstations. I was able to manage workers, and consult students in multiple labs that were available across the campus. Programming and basic computer circuit designs were covered in addition to the standard engineering curriculum.

Work Experiences

I've had a lot of experiences over the years and here are some of the places and information on what I did in the past. I've always believed that there are no real jobs that are beneath you. No matter what the job happens to be at the time, always do your best.

Monsanto Seed Corn Trials

Tucson, AZ, April 2017 – June 2018

Student Worker - Manager

I spent 15 months working on growing corn using a hydroponic system. Most of the details are proprietary, but the job consisted of transplanting, growing, hand pollination, and harvesting ears in multiple trials of seed corn growth. 

The lead research assistant, Tilak Mahato, went on a 6 week vacation. During that time, I was placed in his position to ensure the trials continued as planned. I oversaw scheduling, time tracking and approval for all student workers. I managed and maintained the 4 greenhouses that were in production. This was a great experience since my manager, Tilak, was part of the second group of people to inhabit Biosphere-2. He had a wealth of knowledge that he was always happy to share.

AdWriter, Inc.

Sandusky, OH, December 1994 – September 2016 

This company produced print real estate magazines. This included our own brand called "Homes Illustrated" that appeared in grocery stores and street side boxes in many major cities around the nation. In order to keep the work flow efficient and easy for the advertisers, we created proprietary software for automation.

I worked in positions from technical/customer support to Senior Vice President over 15 years of service. I cannot say this was any single job, but several as I worked my way up through the company.

Technical/Customer Support

I started out working for them in the technical support department. I managed the phone lines for customer service of our proprietary real estate publishing software. I was also responsible for repairs of the computers from the main and branch offices.


After spending time getting familiar with the company and the software, I was able to  move into a programming position. We went through many different versions of software and programming languages. It started out in Better Basic in the DOS days, then Visual Basic when Windows came out. The core software was always written in Prolog. From there, the software became a web service which required another re-write into Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. I was involved in all transitions and language changes.

Vice President of Information Technology

Over time I became a senior programmer and eventually the head of the IT department. This was a very interesting time as I was able to meet with corporate clients to understand their needs and translate those into programming specifications and requirements. I enjoyed this time the most while at AdWriter.

Senior Vice President

Eventually, through working with virtually all of the corporate clients I was promoted to Senior Vice President. My tasks, in addition to overseeing the IT department, were to support the president and CEO on sales calls, contracts and ensuring all of our clients remained satisfied with our services.