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My Tomato Plants Flowering

My Experience - Controlled Environment Agriculture

At the University of Arizona I have worked on numerous projects. I grew tomatoes for 3 months in a greenhouse using a drip irrigation system with rockwool on coconut coir. We established the plants and then trained them in a traditional lean and lower technique. Fruit cluster size management, pruning, and harvest were performed.

I spent over a year growing seed corn in a greenhouse environment using ebb and flood techniques. Here I was able to get into setting up stock tanks using raw fertilizers/micro-nutrients from a supplied recipe. There was always something that needed to be troubleshooted and repaired. Controllers, pumps, hoses, solenoid valves, and more.


I was able to volunteer in the campus vertical farm. Here lettuce was grown by graduate students to study the different effects of lighting, temperature and CO2 concentrations.

I was also in directed research where I grew alfalfa. The goal was to determine which varieties grow best under salt stress.


My Skill Set

  • Able to work with little to no supervision
  • Team player, always looking to learn from others
  • Troubleshooting - very strong deductive reasoning
  • Stock tank solution creation from raw fertilizers/micro-nutrients
  • Seeding, transplanting and growing various crops
  • Programming
  • Documentation

Previous degrees: BS Computer Information Science, MS Management Information Systems. I completed my BS Sustainable Plant Systems with a Controlled Environment Agriculture emphasis in December of 2018.

Experimental Design and Analysis

My directed research project was also a tool to go through and understand the processes of experiment design and analysis. I worked one on one with a professor that let me run the experiment . We covered aspects of the design and analysis in R as it progressed. 

Vertical Farm Lettuce Ready for Harvest

Growing Plants

I've grown tomatoes, lettuce and even corn hydroponically. The University of Arizona has given me great opportunities to learn about various systems. 

I've always had a passion for growing plants. It started in rural gardens when I was growing up. We always had a garden that produced more than we could eat. Breaking ground, sowing rows, tending and finding unique ways to irrigate during the hot dry days of summer. All good memories.

I always had plants in my house, my little "jungle." Exotics like orchids and tillandsia. Some thought it was odd that I had a banana plant in the living room, but I enjoyed it.

I hope I can use this passion in a fulfilling career.

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